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NASHVILLE TONIGHT: My biological father (Ronnie Tinsley Sr.) hopped a bus a few years back with a guitar and made it to Nashville somehow. Like myself, he’s got the “Tinsley-Curse,” too rock for country and too country for rock. Long story short, after he was officially down and out and homeless, he called me and said he was “leaving Nashville tonight.” The straight-forward guitars and moody chord changes take you on that trip to Nashville and all the way back.


Bought a one-way ticket to Nashville, got some clothes in a paper sack, this old guitar and a pocket of change yeah I ain't lookin' back. Big city lights dreamin', I got stars in my eyes, I'm leavin' for Nashville tonight. Said goodbye to the girl I love, the sweetest thing I ever knew. She said I understand boy, you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do. I sat down on her front porch swing and I gave her one last kiss. Don't worry 'bout me she said it's the bus that you're gonna miss. You gotta leave for Nashville tonight. I'm leavin' for Nashville tonight. I've left my heart and soul in a thousand smoky bars. Livin' on dreams and these half-filled tip jars. Feel every word I write and the notes on these strings. I tear my heart out when I pick this guitar up and sing. Yeah. Now I'm broke down on Music Row, playin' on the side of the road. I think it's time to close my case and find another place to go. Record company man said son you're wastin' all my time, you're a little too rock n' roll and your country just don't rhyme. I'm leavin' Nashville tonight. Leavin' Nashville behind. Leavin' Nashville tonight. I'm leavin' tonight. Leavin' Nashville behind. I'm leavin' her behind. I'm gone.