1. Renegade
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RENEGADE: I’ve had a reoccurring dream since I was a kid where I’m walking thru a forest at night, come into a clearing, climb an Indian sky-burial tower, lay down and stare at the sky. Adding music that has a droning build-up, from a simple beginning to a big ending, and a very tribal Native American drum rhythm, “Renegade” is essentially a soundtrack to this dream. Using massively layered guitars to create a wall of sound that brings on the clever false ending, this song kind of puts me in a trance when I play it and will blow the feathers off a dreamcatcher.


When the wind starts to blow, carry me back home. Mighty wind help my spirit along. When you die you'll know it's over. Oh, don't mark my grave. I don't want a name. When you die you'll know it's over and there's nowhere to go. Renegade. I was born to be free, slave only to me. I'm looking up to Heaven above, counting the stars in between. Over and over, again and again, everyday. Over and over, again and again, I decay.