1. Worn Out Boots
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WORN OUT BOOTS: As kids get older and start coming of age, parents realize they may choose a different path than their own. It’s known that, if they fail, they can come home to follow in your footsteps, in your worn out boots, if needed. A heartfelt ballad with a country spin on the old “walk a mile in my shoes” adage, “Worn Out Boots” features a big 3-part harmony chorus, a Wurlitzer Electric piano and pedal steel to deliver its message.


There's a dusty road somewhere that'll lead you back home. There's a rusty truck with no air that'll move you along. If you can't find a place where you belong. You can stand right here beside me all day long. these worn out boots ain't got much sole but they'll just have to do. They get me by, get me by. You don't have to wear them but they're here in case you do. Take your time, take your time. You'll do fine. If I could trade places and walk in your shoes I'd take your pain and heartache so we couldn't lose. Though I can't take back what's been done I can refuse, to let you go so easy, that's mine to choose. I guess I'll never understand why you left when you did, ‘cause every minute of my life is all I could give. So I will, yes I will, Oh. I don't have much to leave you except for my word. I do forgive you for all the pain and the hurt, 'cause ever single day that I'm here, I'm still alive, with a million different memories of you on my mind.