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ROWDY ASS FAMILY: For my family, your family or any other family this one is for Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister! Every word is entirely a “true-story, bro” tale and sharing it with others will hit home for most of us. The title lends itself to being a rebel-rousing hot country lick, but it’s actually pretty heartfelt. Plenty of organ and Wurlitzer padding makes everyone remember the good in their family.


Brother, time's takin' a little toll and I know we both feel too damn old. I remember throwin' punches around when daddy wasn't home to knock us back down. You and me playin’ ball all day and mama'd lock the screen door to keep us away. And daddy worked hard to keep them shoes on our feet, workin' all day in the hot summer heat. I can still see mama so clear standin' in the kitchen by the old gas stove. Hollerin' supper's ready now come and get it. If you don't hurry it's gonna go cold. Well we made it through the hard times fine, time after time. This rowdy ass family of mine. Sister, you know we love you just a little too much and I know it'll never really be enough. I remember when mama would leave you'd cry for days and days it seemed, couldn't wait for mama to come back home and pick you back up where you belong. And daddy taught me to pay my dues. He said don't worry 'bout a thing when you got nothin' left to lose. Mother, you know you make everything alright.