1. Must Be Nice
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As southern as the day is long, musically and lyrically, this tune is born from the snarky phrase uttered under one’s breath when someone shows off a new ride, fancy clothes, or brags of some other coveted possession or activity. The tongue-in-cheek delivery is on target for the working class as its quirky, funny and sarcastic tone is a harder version of “Good ol’ Boys” from The Dukes of Hazzard. Featuring a really twangy heavy honky-tonk sound with big choruses it is garnished with Texas-style banjo and pedal steel guitars.


Well it must be nice in your big ol' truck. Drivin' down the road with it all jacked up. Thirteen miles to the gallon don't mean no thing to you. Burnin' through hundred dollar bills to get your thrills and this day still ain't through. It must be nice livin' like you do. It must be nice every time you talk. Everybody listens and they watch you walk. They all know your name 'cause you know everythang. Burnin' through people left and right 'cause you don't need 'em and nobody ever complains. It must be nice havin' your own plane. It must be nice always livin' so large. It must be nice always bein' in charge. It must be nice every day that you're alive. It must be nice doin' what you do. It must be nice bein' you. Well it must be nice playin' golf all day. Makin' dollar bills while you're away. You wouldn't know a hard day's work if it bit you on the ass. Waitin' on everyone to bring you everything that you need to live. You don't know what it's like to have to give. Ain’t that the truth. It must be nice sleepin' in every day. Everybody's workin' while you get paid. Waitin' in line at the Starbucks for your fancy coffee. Life couldn't get much better than yours and you won't hear me complain but it must be nice havin' your last name. Yes sir.