New Sophomore Album In The Works

Ronnie Dean Tinsley & The Dark Horse Rodeo have started writing and tracking their second album in as many years.  Teaming up with Brian Baker at Sound Arts Recording again, the new songs are definitely going to be packed full of all the right stuff.  With Brian, RDT & The DHR remain on an impressive client list alongside Blue October, Butch Vig, The Toadies, Run DMC, Geto Boys, not to mention CBS, Warner Bros. and Universal Records.  Brian was at the helm on the first album as well and played an integral role in bringing along the unique style, tone and 'wall of sound' that you get when you put the first Ronnie Dean Tinsley & The Dark Horse Rodeo Renegade album on for a spin.  He had the sometimes daunting task of transforming Tinsley (also a metal singer for Houston based "The Hectic") into a tried and true outlaw country artist.

"Our primary focus is to have a blast and make some good ol' music that sounds and feels classic but has a loud modern edge.  We want people to listen and wonder what time and era this music was from.  I think we're on the right track for sure.  On the first album I wrote nearly all of it, played all the guitars and relied on some really good session guys to pull it off.  It took a while because  I was basically "solo".  Now that we have a fully functional Dark Horse Rodeo stacked with grade A musical talent, I'm enjoying everyone doing own their parts and making it their own through the process.  I'm amazed at how great our band is and how it adds character to the same approach we had taken with the first album while still retaining a unique sound and writing style.  Overall I can't wait to share some of this new stuff with you folks.  Its gonna be nitty, gritty, big and full of hooks"  - Tinsley   

Tentatively slated for 2017/2018 release, the yet to be titled Tinsley produced sophomore effort will feature Houston based powerhouses; Doug Winski (keys and organ), James Hook (guitars/vocals), Ron Segura (lead guitars), Billie Jean Hughes (vocals), Chris Drabek (drums), Phil Lock (bass) and Ronnie Dean Tinsley (vocals/guitars) plus whatever sneaky cool cameo's that might happen to walk through the door. 

In the meantime, check out the first album, RENEGADE, here and get your copy today!

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